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Title: Smile
Author: ninokenken
Pairing: Akame
Rating: G
Summary: I’m searching for that shine that I used to see in you…but why can’t I see it?
A/N: I'm sorry for the delay and I'm really not sure if you'd like the ending. Still finding the muse that was long gone. Please consider. If you haven't read the first part, please do. Thank you so much!

Jin looked at the empty hallway ahead of him. It was the worst scene to end the night honestly speaking. The other members of KAT-TUN went out of the recording studio one by one and walked passed the former member quietly. It’s not a good time to talk, not now. Jin just stood there, eyes closed. Maybe, just maybe, it was just a scene that his brain was making and when he opens his eyes Kame would be standing in front of him, face really close as if he was ready to kiss him. Jin eagerly opened his eyes and saw nothing but the other juniors looking at him in an odd way. Soon enough one of them realized that he was the Akanishi Jin and approached him.

“Anou… Akanishi-san?” the teenager spoke. Jin stood up properly and showed a small smile.

“Hey, don’t you think it’s really late? You shouldn’t be working by this time anymore.” He stepped forward and whispered to the junior’s ear, “you know…Johnny-san can be sued if he continues to do this.”

“Ah! Really?” The junior beamed, Jin nodded. “Well…we just wanted to practice every song perfectly for NewS’ concert tomorrow. Yamashita-san wanted it to be perfect.” Jin smiled yet again and messed the teenager’s hair.

“Yamashita-kun can be a pain, ne? Sa, go home already. I’m pretty sure your parents are looking for you.” With that the junior nodded and went his way home.


The next few days, Jin was busy as ever. He got a lot of recordings to do, photo shoot for different magazines and also a bunch of interviews since he’s been successful in America and now that he finished filming his movie.

“Akanishi! Oye!” Jin turned around and saw his other best friend, Nishikido Ryo.

“Hey twerp, long time no see!” Jin greeted back.

“Haha…very funny. Baka.” Ryo answered mockingly before hitting Jin’s head playfully. “I heard Kame made a fuzz last night. What happened? Is it because he see your monster-looking face?”

“…Think so.” Jin answered back.
“Hm. He’s been like that since you left anyways.” Ryo said and started walking. Jin followed him since he was quite free for now.

“Is he REALLY mad at me?” Jin asked.

“Nope.” Ryo answered right away.

“REALLY?” Jin stopped and had this shock expression on. Ryo looked back at him, “Dude, what the heck. Of course he’s mad at you. Wait, no. Scratch that. He’s irritated by you.”

“Oh. Well…” Jin sighs, “As if I can do anything about it, Johnny’s controlling my every move.”

“But he’s not controlling your emotions and your words.” Ryo said.

“You know what…you are right!” Jin beamed. “Does Kame still live in the same unit?”

“Uh…I’m not sure. Why don’t you check?” Ryo looked back and saw Jin running like a fool to the exit. “Tch. Bakanishi.” Ryo said while smiling to himself.


“3 blocks, 2 houses at the right then----” Jin stopped his car. “Kamenashi.” He read the small mark on Kame’s mailbox. “I wonder if he’s home…” Jin stormed out of his car and made sure he locked it before going to Kame’s door. Jin was wearing his usual clothes, baggy pants, very loose shirt, a beanie, his brown boots, and his aviator shades. Nothing new really, except him in front of Kame’s door. He looked around first, eying if there are paparazzi’s around before knocking three times. Jin sighed, nervous if Kame would open the door or not or if he should call him first to check if he’s at home or what. But soon enough Jin heard Kame’s footsteps getting near. He dusted his shirt and fixed his beanie just to look presentable enough of the latter. Kame opened the door soon enough, surprised as he saw Jin standing awkwardly in front of him.

“…Y-yo.” Jin stuttered. Kame just looked at him for a second before nodding.

“Un.” Kame said.

“Ca-can I come in?” Jin asked and Kame stepped back so that Jin can enter.

“It seems like you’re more relaxed today than last mornight.” Jin said as he entered Kame’s house.

“Morninght? What are you talking about?” Kame was puzzled and closed the door.
“You know…morning-night. We talked around 2-3 am…” Jin explained and went to the living room just like what he used to do before.

“You could have said earlier instead.” Kame said and went straight to the kitchen. Jin eyed him as he was going to the kitchen.

“Are you cooking?” Jin asked, sitting on Kame’s couch making himself comfortable. Kame didn’t answer. Jin looked around at the familiar place, well not really familiar anymore since Kame changed a lot of his stuff or at least that’s what Jin remembered.

“What are you doing here anyways?” Kame asked while mixing. Jin stood up and went to the kitchen to see what he was preparing.

“I’m here to say sorry and that I’m stupid.” Jin said and hugged Kame from the back. Kame stopped and looked down.

“What are you doing?” he asked again, a bit tensed but Jin kept quiet and placed his head on Kame’s shoulder, slightly smelling his cologne.

“Jin wh---”

“Aren’t you tired Kame?” Jin asked and Kame sighed, releasing Jin’s hug.

“I heard that old man gave you a lot of projects but not even 1 to the other members. Kame, why are you accepting them all at once?” Jin asked again.

Kame continued on mixing as if Jin wasn’t there.

“Kame. You used to be cheerful and you used to manage your time wisely, why can’t I see that shine from you anymore?”

“Its because they took you from me.” Kame murmured.

“What?” Jin moved closer but Kame continued to work on preparing.

“Would you stop for a moment and listen to me? Answer my questions too.” Jin demanded. Kame stopped and looked at Jin eye-to-eye.

“How would you feel if someone that used to be your best friend, the one you tell your secrets to and share foolish things would fly to another country and never even talk to you, even once?”

“But Kame…I wasn’t your best friend. I was your lover.” Jin said calmly.

“Okay, then if you were my lover you should have told me ‘Happy Anniversary’ last 24th.” Kame said, raising his perfect brow. “And don’t even tell me that you’re busy ‘coz I’m busier than you.” He added.

“So you’re blaming everything on me even if YOU were the one who broke up with me?” Jin asked, kinda pissed.

“I wouldn’t have done that if you just understood on how I felt. Jin you’re asking me why I’m getting all those projects and that you never see “that shine” you used to see in me? Well first of all. I’m getting all those because I don’t want to keep on remembering you, Jin, every single object I see makes me remember you in an instant. I want my mind to get preoccupied with work so that I wouldn’t think of you. And “that shine” well, let’s just say “that shine” only shines brighter than anything else when you’re around. But they took you away from me.” Kame explained and turned his back on Jin. Jin just stood there, arms crossed and leaning on the dining table.

“So, what? You’re just gonna keep quiet like that after everything I told you?” Kame asked as he placed the food in small containers before putting them on the refrigerator.

“I’m sorry.” It was all what Jin had to say.

“You should be.” Kame said before taking off his apron and putting it on the table beside Jin. “Are you staying in Japan now?” Kame asked.

“I dunno, honestly.” Jin said and sighed. Kame nodded and looked at Jin quietly. Jin also watched the latter and his unreadable face. Soon enough Kame went to him and hugged him.

“Hug me, baka.” Kame demanded but Jin gladly did anyways.

“I never knew…” Jin mumbled.

“It’s okay, I guess it’s our mistake too.” Kame said. “I love you.” He added.

“I love you more.” Jin replied and kissed the latter.

Tags: fanfic: smile, pairing: akanishi/kamenashi, rating: g
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